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Hi, I'm Emily. I'm the founder/designer behind OATSSS. I'm based in Toronto, ON and have two little ones (Delta + Forest).
Fun Fact: If I could only drink one beverage for the rest of my life I would choose iced oat milk lattes!


Well, they’re simple, uncomplicated and naturally gluten free so why not 🥛
But seriously, I started OATSSS out of a need to do something creative during the pandemic. However, I quickly realized the bracelets I was making we're more than just jewellery. They sparked joy and I wanted to share that. Especially because of the state of our world right now and feeling so isolated.
Ordering from OATSSS is like getting a package in the mail from your BFF that you'll want to wear everyday and cherish forever.


Leaving a lighter impact on the Earth is important to us. Our products are designed to last and not fade after a season.
Currently your orders are sent out with compostable shipping materials as well as an eco friendly dust bag to keep your jewellery protected when not being worn.
We keep it simple and as much as we'd love to, we won't send you extra cards and stickers that will end up being waste.
We are constantly looking at different ways we can continue to be more eco friendly and always striving to do better. If you have any suggestions please let me know.